Reflections by Ellen Hey



Autumn 2017: Feeling at home

Reflections by Ellen Hey


Welcome to Erasmus University Rotterdam! ​ 

Your home for the academic year 2017-2018 is the Erasmus University Rotterdam, or EUR, as it’s often called. We endeavour to make you feel at home here. So what does that mean, ‘feeling at home’? Of course, I can’t assume to know the particulars of what it means for you on a personal level. But hopefully, a common denominator could be ‘feeling welcome, given who you are’.

To me ‘feeling welcome, given who I am’ when I enter a place that’s destined to be my home for a longer or shorter period of time suggests two things. First, that I extend the honour myself, by being interested in who you are. So by all means, do share with my colleagues and me who you are. Second, that I share with you who I am. Not just my title and function of Advisor on the Internationalization of Education to the Executive Board of EUR, which is why I have the privilege to write this reflection. But more importantly, some of the following. Where I grew up – in The Netherlands, Egypt and Venezuela. What my teaching passions are – international law in context, whether it be to undergraduate, graduate or PhD students. That I enjoy getting involved in interdisciplinary teaching. What my research passions are – international law and, currently, the Anthropocene. Of course, I am also rather passionately committed to the internationalization of education. What this entails for now remains a subject for a future reflection, but it certainly involves diversity in the classroom.

Might ‘feeling welcome given who we are’ mean that we share where we come from and what moves us? At EUR, we are committed to making you feel welcome given who you are, and we hope you’ll find lots to share with fellow students and staff members. Not in the least because this helps us figure out who we are.

Ellen Hey

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