Reflections by Ellen Hey



Winter 2016/2017: Work in Progress 

Reflections by Ellen Hey

Work in Progress 

Internationalisation of Education (IE) among many things is a process via which individuals and groups are enthused to move.
Certainly, IE is about moving abroad for a while, facilitated by one of the EUR’s programmes for student- or staff-exchange. Moving abroad gets you out of your comfort zone.  Think of renting an apartment in a city that is unknown to you or understanding the grading system at your host university. 

IE is also about moving away from doing things the way you have always done them and experimenting with new ways of engaging. New ways of engaging may involve familiarizing yourself with new social habits, such as those involved in the relationships between students and professors. New ways of engaging also may involve familiarizing yourself with different approaches to your area of study or research. Think of the critical approaches that EUR staff stimulate their students to adopt, which is baffling to some of our international students.  Moreover, new ways of engaging involves developing and implementing policies that will enable us to recruit international students and staff and subsequently enable those students and members of staff to fully engage in our community. These ways of engaging require us to move and to get out of our comfort zone.
Developments in the Strategic Programme IE show that the EUR and all its component parts are on the move.  

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