Reflections by Ellen Hey



Autumn 2016: Moving Forward

Reflections by Ellen Hey

Moving Forward
I start by welcoming all students to the academic year 2016-2017, both those for whom this is their first time at Erasmus and those who are returning. Given my function as Advisor on the Internationalization of Education of the Executive Board of the University, I add a special welcome for international students.

I sincerely hope that studying at EUR will enhance your intellectual and other competencies, with a view to discovering wat moving forward means for your life. Moving forward is also what internationalization of education is about. Yet, while we must keep moving, we must also be willing to change course, in view of changing circumstances. This means that our route most likely will not resemble a straight line forward. Perhaps more importantly, if we are to ‘move forward’ we must adopt a wide perspective and stop to think about our next move, forward.

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