Reflections by Ellen Hey



Spring 2017: Get connected 

Reflections by Ellen Hey


Get Connected!​ 

Exchange students were a rare species when I studied law at Utrecht in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In those days, I was the adventurer who went on summer schools, summer internships, and embarked upon a second degree abroad. I remember finding my way by devouring the book ‘The World of Learning’, and by checking out the catalogues at the British Council Library in Amsterdam to find out about studying abroad – we didn’t have Internet back then! In this way, I made some lifelong friends and discovered the worlds of other legal systems, the practice of international law, and, during my MSc in Wales, the world of other disciplines.

These days, things are much easier: simply join one of the many exchange or mixed-degree programs offered by the faculties and institutes at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). You’re only a few mouse clicks away from getting connected. Grab your mouse and click on Studying and internships abroad

But, you don’t even have to leave Rotterdam to get connected; join the many international activities at our beautiful EUR campuses at Woudestein and Hoboken. We organise international classrooms, develop MOOCs, host the Rotterdam Summer School and are home to many Cultural Societies, including WILDe Theatre, the EUR’s first international theatre group.

If you’re reading this while abroad and you’d like to get connected immediately, then click on Education@EUR and International Office

The EUR is a connected community, based on the many contacts that our staff members have around the world. Use this community to Get Connected! 

Ellen Hey

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